Episode 5: Signals intelligence and counter-terrorism, with David Wells

Sub Rosa Episode 5

Sub Rosa

david_wellsFor this episode, Andrew interviewed former GCHQ employee David Wells about counter-terrorism.

GCHQ is the UK government’s signals intelligence agency, similar to the United States National Security Agency (NSA) or the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). The interview discusses the nature of signals intelligence and its current role in counter-terrorism. We discuss the threats posed by the “Islamic State” and al-Qaeda as well as the difficulties of preventing terrorist attacks like those seen in Brussels and Paris. We also discuss the current terrorist threat to Australia and dilemmas raised by counter-terrorism efforts so far.

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Author: Kate Grealy-Riadi

I have a background as a researcher and technical adviser on countering violent extremism (CVE), counter terrorism (CT), and crime prevention. I have also worked in development communications and project management in Australia, Pakistan, and Indonesia. I have an MA in international relations, and am currently researching political violence in Indonesia. Posts can be a bit intermittent as I recently had a baby ☺

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